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New York, NY Area Minyan List
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Shul AddressShachrisMinchaMaariv
SundayMon/ThTu/Wed/FriShabbosSummer WeekdaySummer FridaySummer ShabbosSummer Weekday
26 Federal Plaza26 Federal Plaza        
45 Broadway45 Broadway    2:00   
Adas Israel C203 E Broadway        
Adas Yisroel203 East Broadway7:307:107:10 Shk-10CL+ Shk+30
Adereth El C133 East 29th Street 6:45  1:40   
Agudah Of America42 Broadway    1:30, 2:001:30  
Agudah of East Side233 East Broadway        
Agudah of Washington Heights(A)56 Bennett Avenue8:006:306:308:15    
Ansche Meseritz C(NS)415 E 6th St        
Beth Hamedrash Machzeikei Tora(NS)851 West 181st Street8:00(Breakfast after davening)6:40(Chol Hamoaid Time 7:00)6:45(Chol Hamoaid Time 7:00)9:15 7:15CL(Shallos Suddos after Mincha) 
Beth Israel Center(NS)646 West End Avenue8:307:157:259:30 7:30 9:00
Beth Israel Hospital - Linsky 1st Ave. & 16th St.    1:30   
Bialystoker Center for Nursing228 E Broadway        
Bialystoker Synagogue(A)11 Willett Street6:15, 7:00, 7:45, 8:30, 9:156:00, 6:50, 7:45, 8:306:15, 7:00, 7:45, 8:307:00(Downstairs), 9:00(Main Shul)Shk-15CL+10(early Shabbos @ 6:45 PM) Min+45
Bnai Israel Chaim353 West 84th Street        
Bnai Israel C335 East 77th Street        
Broadway Management39 Broadway    4:15   
Capital Audio120 Duane Street    1:4012:40  
Chabad Center For Jewish Disco199 West 19th Street        
Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Ma509 5th Avenue Suite 2nd Floor9:307:45, 8:457:45, 8:45(except Friday) 1:45, 6:451:45 7:00
Chabad Lubavitch Upper East Si203 East 82nd Street        
Chabad of the West Side101 West 92nd Street9:007:307:309:45(Shiur at 9 am)9:15   
Chabad of the West Sixties101 West End Ave. #4N        
Chabad of Wall Street150 Brodway Suite #1001        
Chabad of Washington Heights41 Bennett Avenue Suite 23        
Chabad on Washington Square27 Washington Square        
Chama Office78 Pearl St.    1:40   
Chevra Bnei Yitzchok Chassedi247 E Broadway        
Chinuch Atzmai-Torah Schools40 Exchange Place    1:40   
Civic Center Synagogue(A)49 White Street 7:207:309:001:40(Mon-Thu only)   
Community Synagogue Max D. Rai325 East 6th Street        
Cong. Bnai Yehuda-Yorkville Sy352 East 78th Street   9:009:15   
Cong. Talmud Torah Adereth El133 East 29th St.8:306:507:009:001:40(/T), Plag-10Shk-Shk-25 
C Bais Tefilah        
C Heichal Moshe303 W. 91st St.7:00, 8:30, 9:306:40, 8:10, 9:156:45, 8:10, 9:157:45(Ashkenaz), 9:30Shk+10CL+18CLShk+45
C K Jeshurun300 E 85th St Apt 507        
Consolidated Edison Company4 Irving Place    1:30   
Cope Institute225 Broadway    1:40(effective June 1, 2014), 2:15   
Darech Amuno C 53 Charles Street        
Downtown Bais Medrash25 Broadway    1:40   
Eagle Paper121 Varick St    1:45   
East Side Torah Center317 Henry Street        
Eldridge Street SynagogueMs. Renee Newman        
Fahnestock -- Co.125 Broad Street    2:00   
Fbe Ltd.111 Broadway    2:002:00  
Fifth Avenue Synagogue(A)5 East 62nd Street8:307:307:309:00CL-60   
First Roumanian-American Cong.89 Rivington St        
Frenkel, Hershkowitz -- Shafra(NS)49 West 37th     1:45   
G. Davidson Group40 Broad St.    1:45   
Garment Center C(A)1384 Broadway 7:357:459:001:35, 5:051:35 Min+10
Gfi Mortgage Bankers140 Broadway    4:45   
Jay Imports224 Fifth Ave.    1:45   
Jewish Enrichment Center192 Lexington Avenue Suite 504        
Kehila Kedosha Janina280 Broome Street        
K Jacob - Carlebach Shul305 West 79th Street   9:30(9:15 on mevorchim and 9 on Yom Tov) CL+20 10:00
Khal Adath Jeshurun(A)85 Bennett Avenue7:30, 8:306:00, 7:006:00, 7:006:40, 8:00(Only on Shekalim, HagGadol, Chanukkah),Plag((M\"A) Shavuous thru Aug), Shk-15(Shavuos-Aug7:10Shk-45(After Pesach-2nd to last week in Aug)Min+15((after first Mincha)), Shk+45
Lincoln Square Synagogue(A)180 Amsterdam Avenue7:10, 8:307:00, 7:507:10, 7:507:45, 9:00, 9:15(Beginner\'s), 9:45Shk-106:45, CL-5CL-10Min+
Lisker C163 East 69th Street        
Manhattan Sephardic C325 E 75th St8:30(Main Sanctuary)6:456:458:307:006:45Shk-457:00
Mesivta Tiferes Jerusalem145 East Broadway7:457:457:459:001:301:30 9:00
Mount Sinai Jewish Center(A)135 Bennett Avenue7:30, 8:30, 9:006:45, 8:007:00, 8:007:00, 9:007:007:007:007:15
Nodah Bi Yehudah C587B Fort Washington Ave        
NYU Medical Center400 East 34th Street    Shk-10  Min+
NYU _ Weinstein Kosher Cafeter11 University Place    Shk-15(call before)   
Ohav Sholom C270 W. 84th Street        
One State Street1 State Street        
Orach Chaim C1459 Lexington Avenue        
Orthodox Union11 Broadway    3:002:30  
Park East Synagogue164 East 68th Street        
Shaare Hatikvah C(A)711 West 179th Street7:306:20(Chol Hamoaid 6:15)6:30(Chol Hamoaid 6:15)8:30    
She'aris Adas Yisrael, Sieinia237 E Broadway        
Shearith Israel - Spanish Port(EM)8 West 70th Street8:007:157:158:30    
Shmuel Yosef V'Chaya C(NS)587B Fort Washington Ave8:006:206:259:00 7:00  
Sons Of Moses-Yensheve Synagog135 Henry St        
The Jewish Center131 West 86th Street8:307:00, 8:007:00, 7:009:00, 9:15(Young Leadership Minyan), 9:30(BeginnerShk-10 ShkMin+5
Wall Street Synagogue47 Beekman Street 7:207:309:151:35(*), 1:50(*)1:35, 7:008:15 
Washington Heights C(A)815 West 179th Street   8:30CL-55(Summer scedule starts after Pesach)  Min+
West Side Institutional Synago(A)120 West 76th Street8:307:10(Shacharit)7:20     
World Center Beth Medrash160 Broadway    1:45, 4:051:45  
YI of Briarwood(A)8475 Daniels Street8:006:306:309:00Shk-107:00, Shk-10Shk-25Min+
YI Of Manhattan225 East Broadway 6:45, 7:357:00, 7:35 Shk-10  Shk+30
YI of Manhattan(A)239 East Broadway7:00(239 E. Bway)6:45(239 E. Bway)7:00(239 E. Bway)8:45(317 Henry St.)    
YI of West Side210 West 91 Street8:006:456:55