2 Sivan, 5777
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Maariv in Hollywood, FL in 12 min (4:14AM)
Shachris in Essex, England in 12 min (9:15AM)
Shachris in London, England in 12 min (9:15AM)

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Daf Yomi Bava Basra 124
Mishna Yomis Eruvin 6:8-9
Halacha Yomis Orach Chaim 168:11-13

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May 27, 2017
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Shachris in Cong. Yetev Lev... at 4:30AM
Shachris in Eldridge Street... at 5:30AM
Shachris in Bialystoker Syn... at 7:00AM

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Netz (sunrise) 5:30AM
Latest Shma (Gra) 9:11AM
Shkia (sunset) 8:16PM

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